Project details

Seawater piping system LNG terminal Fos Cavaou

CustomerJacobs and STFMC (Société du Terminal Méthanier de Fos-Cavaou)
LocationCavaou peninsula (Fos sur Mer, France)
Project executed on2011
Market segmentPower
Technical specification
Pressure6 bar (working pressure) 9 bar (test pressure)
MeasurementsDN 900 & DN 1100
MaterialGRP (Derakane 411-350 + Silibond Quartz Flours W12MS5T + isophtalic resin)
Temperature5 - 50°C

Project description

After a first successful cooperation with Elengy at the Montoir-de-Bretagne terminal (supply and installation of 200 m of pipes DN 900, 1400 and 2000 mm), Plasticon Composites also obtained the order for the supply and installation of GRP pipes at the LNG terminal of Fos Cavaou.

The project scope for Plasticon Composites included:

(Stress) engineering, detail design - general, seismic and expansion calculation taking the efforts from the hydraulic calculation note of Jacobs into account.

Procurement of raw materials and accessories (gaskets, bolts, primary supports), manufacturing, fabrication, inspection, transportation, assembly and installation on site.

Faced with the growing demand for natural gas throughout Europe, Elengy (part of the Suez Group and responsible for operating and expanding LNG terminals in France) has taken steps to boost its LNG reception capacity to safeguard supply to customers. The move to build a new LNG terminal was part of this strategy. The new terminal represented an investment of more than 600 M€ and spans 80 hectares at the heart of the Cavaou peninsula (Fos sur Mer). The facility, built by Société du Terminal Méthanier de Fos-Cavaou (STMFC), a joint venture between Elengy (70,2%) and Total (29,8%), entered into commercial service on April 2, 2010 after several months of testing and received the total authorization to operate end of August, 2010.

The LNG terminal of Fos Cavaou facing problems regarding its performance, STMFC commissioned the company Jacobs Engineering Group Inc for the compliance of the terminal. Jacobs selected Plasticon Composites as supplier and installer of GRP cooling pipes.